Celebrating 175 Years
The Dominican Primary School
Dun Laoghaire

Wild Animals in Dun Laoghaire

written by a pupil in Sixth Class in 6th class for the occasion

Turnstones that merrily search for Springtails
Starling that sing happily on boat sails,
Rats that squeak and speak,
And then proceed some more,
Bees who hum happily (their sting will give you a sore)
Foxes that forage at night,
Gulls that got into an angry fight,
Under darkness shrews will run,
Sparrows that have lost of fun.
Finches, terns, birds galore,
Mice that run on the basement floor,
Grey and common happy seals,
Enjoying delectable fish meals.
Ladybirds, capsids, butterflies,
Mites, ants and house flies.
Porpoises, whales and dolphins,
Pigeons that poke around in tins,
Crabs that will give you a pinch,
Blue sharks will crush fish to mince