Daring to Hope in Cabra

At the end of May, we were delighted to host the Daring to Hope exhibition, a photographic history of Irish Religious Sisters at home and abroad. Over three days, some 260 students from St. Dominic’s College visited the exhibition in the Dominican Resource Centre and you can read some of their reactions below. The exhibition was enjoyed by teachers and students alike, with many visitors surprised to see photos of Sisters on tractors, performing surgery, boxing and travelling far afield.
On the Feast Day of St. Catherine of Siena, we held a successful and well attended launch evening, and welcomed Sisters from many Orders, past pupils – including Senator Eileen Flynn from Ballyfermot, former teachers and members of the local community in Dublin 7. We heard from Franciscan Sister Denise Boyle how she got the idea for the exhibition and brought it to life, and from Sr Veronica Rafferty on her experiences of living and working in Argentina, as well as from past pupils on how their lives had changed, with support and belief from Dominican Sisters in their school.
On the final day that we had the exhibition in our possession, we brought some of it into Santa Sabina House, where residents there had a chance to see the photos, hear from Sr Denise, and share their own experiences.It was a very moving and rewarding visit for all concerned. Thanks to Sr Denise and to Toni Pyke in AMRI for all their hard work helping to host the exhibition, as well as to Ann Cameron and Deirdre Brilly from St Dominic’s for allowing so many students to visit.
In the words of some of the St. Dominic’s students:
“I thought this exhibition was very powerful as it showed how the sisters have overcome great challenges and adversity to help those in need. I am inspired by their courage and unwavering commitment to their cause.”
“What struck me the most about the daring to hope exhibition was how brave and headstrong the Dominican sisters were. They done things that were frowned upon for women to do such as teach, practise medical care and medicine . The photo that surprised me the most was the picture of the sister who was a boxing coach. I felt that she was an amazing woman for breaking stereotypes about women and sisters.”
“What struck/surprised me the most about the exhibition was how much the Dominican sisters have courageously helped those who were in need within the last century. It truly inspired me that every little piece of help impacts peoples lives significantly.”
“Overall I think it was an amazing and educational experience and it would be something I would recommend.”