I am from Argentina, I entered the Congregation of the Dominican sisters at the age of 23. I met the sisters walking in the neighbourhoods near the house where I lived with my family. I remember that after a mass, I approached a sister and told her about the call I was feeling, since then they invited me to vocational retreats and accompanied me in the discernment process. Currently in the community where I live, we accompany students, who are the first generations of university students in their families. It is a reward to see them progress. Also, as a community, we accompany the formation of catechists and young people in two parishes in the area. In our house I give a painting workshop on fabrics and candles to people with special educational needs. Also, in my free time, as a personal prayer, I work with clay and make different ceramic pieces that are later sold at fairs, which is a small help to continue with the mission.

Sr Vicky Villaverde vocacionarg@dominicansisters.com