15th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 14th July 2024


Our readings today focus on God’s call to Amos and Jesus’ sending of the twelve apostles on mission. The prophet Amos is sent from Bethel. Paul teaches that we were chosen for Christ before the creation of the world. Jesus instructs his disciples and [...]

Fourth Sunday of Lent – Laetare Sunday: 10th March 2024


First Reading: 2 Chronicles 36:14-16,19-23 Ephesians: 2:4-10 Gospel: John 3:14-21 On this Laetare Sunday the Scriptures presents us with two vey different kinds of journeys. In the text from the 2nd Book of Chronicles we meet a whole nation on a journey while the [...]

Third Sunday of Lent-3rd March2024


Domingo, 3 de marzo de 2024 Primera Lectura Lectura del libro del Éxodo (20,1-17): En aquellos días, el Señor pronunció las siguientes palabras: Yo soy el Señor, tu Dios, que te saqué de Egipto, de la esclavitud. No tendrás otros dioses frente a mí. [...]

Second Sunday of Lent – 25th February 2024


Are we there yet? This is a question that many parents are asked when they are on a car journey with small children. The answer usually is ‘not YET!’ This, sometimes perplexing conversation, came to mind when I was reflecting on the readings [...]

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time – 11th February 2024


Lev. 13:1-2, 44-46 Mark 1:40-45 In the reading from Leviticus we hear the biblical laws concerning leprosy (skin diseases thought to be contagious). Anyone who succumbed to this disease was declared unclean. One suffering from leprosy must declare himself unclean, wear his clothing torn, his [...]


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