In the first reading Ezekiel speaks about the obstinate and defiant people of his time, rebels who had turned against him. He could be talking about our time when so much violence has taken over. The Spirit of God sent him to them with a message, reminding them that there was a prophet among them whether they listened or not. A fitting response reminds us that the Lord shows mercy to those whose eyes are on the Lord.

We hear in the second reading about Paul who didn’t want to get too proud. “My power is at its best in weakness” he heard in his vulnerability.  Acceptance of pain and the pressure of suffering gets us on the right road of awareness and surrender. We have to let go of the desire to change the situation of pain and  frustration as surrender is the bridge to life.  All suffering takes place in God’s love and when accepted it leads to new life which it did for Paul. Peter was also weak and unreliable, yet Jesus chose him to lead the little band of followers after denying him three times. “Those who know their weakness are greater than those who have seen angels” (Isaac of Nineveh”).

Looking at the gospel reading we find Jesus back home with his disciples, teaching in the synagogue on the Sabbath.  Those who heard him wanted to know where he had got his wisdom since they knew his family well. They were amazed at the miracles he worked and refused to accept him. Jesus couldn’t work any miracles there because of their lack of faith, though he cured a few sick people. He wisely moved off elsewhere because Jesus knew about the sufferings a prophet had to endure and that without faith he would be rejected by those listening to his wisdom.

A question to consider: would you be able in weakness to lead a new project ?





  Dympna Travers, OP.