This Sunday’s liturgy invites us to reflect on our priorities and the basic values on which we base our existence. We are unrelenting pilgrims in search of the Kingdom of God. We all have been called, for we are witnesses to the Love of God from the beginning. By opening our hearts to His love and allowing ourselves to be welcomed by Him, we will be in His Kingdom.

The first reading presents us with the example of Solomon, king of Israel. “He is the prototype of the ‘wise’ man, who can understand and choose what is important and who does not allow himself to be seduced and alienated by ephemeral values. “King Solomon was humble, asking for gifts to rule, with justice, wisdom and love. Is not this the fundamental basis for serving the Kingdom? We can dream, we can put in God’s hands what we need, for when we ask with our whole being, God will ask us first, “What can I give you?”

This is the invitation that Jesus gives us in the Gospel, that we may see the Kingdom as a valuable treasure, of which we can be a part, having this freedom of choice. Jesus invites this discovery; The Kingdom is of all and for all.

Today this needs to be the universal consciousness, where we all contribute to a world of love, peace, fraternity, service and reconciliation. These are the fundamental values of the Kingdom. This is the message that Jesus came to share with us. The experience of the Kingdom of God has to be lived every day, inside and outside of us.


Carla Correia