Palm Sunday

There are many moments in the Readings for today that speak to us of the humanity of Jesus and how he responded to those who related to him in a personal way.

We see where a woman poured ointment on his head in a gesture of love and compassion and some of the onlookers were not happy, they felt the ointment could have been sold if it was of no use and the money given to help the poor.   Jesus recognised the care  the woman took to anoint him and do what she could to help him prepare for the ordeal he was going to endure.  Today we could reflect on who each of us  associate more closely with – the woman showing care and compassion or those who choose to ridicule her for what she was doing?

Another occasion in today’s reading shows Jesus giving instructions for the celebration of the Passover meal to his disciples. The disciples must have been confused at what he was asking of them, but because they trusted Jesus they carried out his requests – do I trust in the power of Jesus to call and lead me in a way that is sometimes difficult to understand?

No matter how hard we try at times, it can be challenging to spend time in prayer.  ‘Could you not keep awake with me for one hour’? Do I sometimes find it difficult to spend time with Jesus in prayer? As human beings we sometimes become like Peter turning our backs on Jesus and acting as if we do not know him.  Perhaps we need to seek God’s forgiveness at this time for not recognising Jesus in our lives.

In today’s world there are many people who are suffering through the hands of others.  Like Jesus they must cry out “My God, my God why have you forsaken me”  Do we identify with Mary, the grieving mother and know the pain she is suffering as she sees her only Son taken away and so cruelly put to death?  Perhaps we can remember in our prayer this week all grieving mothers who have lost children, especially women whose families have been murdered, who have died due to famine  or have been killed due to war and conflict in many parts of the world

As we enter Holy Week, let us hope we can journey through the darkness by spending time with Jesus in the days ahead.  We pray that our world will also journey through these days and be able to receive the light of the Risen Jesus on Easter Sunday.





Miriam Weir, OP.