The Dominican Sisters are involved with many Ministries around Ireland and across the World.

We have always responded to the call of society and our ministries are based on where there are the greatest needs in the world today.

Many of our Sisters carry out individual ministries in the communities where they live and work.

Some of us in Ireland work in the area of family therapy, while one of our Sisters is based in Hope House in New Orleans in Louisiana which aims to provide assistance through education programmes for the more vulnerable in society.  Many of us have taken an interest in helping those who are victims of human trafficking.  Our Sisters also assist with creating awareness about HIV and AIDS in South Africa.  Our ministries also extend to chaplaincy and prison visits in different regions.

Over the years, we have been dedicated to helping the vulnerable in society. One of our Sisters set up the Candle and Matt Talbot Community Trusts which continues to this day to help the youth of Ballyfermot.