Direct Provision

“The quality of accommodation in Direct Provision has deteriorated very sharply, to the point where some people in some locations are sleeping on chairs. This is unacceptable.”

Nick Henderson, CEO Irish Refugee Council, 2022

Below you will find information and views on the Direct Provision system in Ireland:

Direct Provision

Direct Provision is the system of accommodating people in the International Protection process in Ireland. Communal accommodation centres run on a for profit basis by private companies on behalf of the government. Residents of direct provision receive food and board as well as a weekly allowance of €38.80 for an adult and €29.80 per child and a medical card. The centres are mostly in former hotels or other forms of communal housing. This system was originally set up in 2000 to be a short-term measure. However, many people end up having long stays in the centre while awaiting to find out if their application for international protection has been granted. The average wait is 24 months, but some people have had to wait much longer than this for a decision to be made.

Direct Division is a report by the Ombudsman for Children, outlining the views and experiences of young people living in the Direct Provision system in 2019.

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