Sr Fionnuala Quinn OP has been appointed the next International Co-ordinator of Contemplative Outreach, an organization started thirty years ago by Cistercian Thomas Keating, presenting Centering Prayer. It is a  community with an expanding vision and deepening practice, serving the changing needs of Christian contemplatives today.

Sr Fionnuala has a long-time practice of Centering Prayer and is a supporter of Contemplative Outreach, having in 1997 co-founded the organization in New Orleans where she was based for 27 years.  In 2007, after returning to live in Dublin, Sr Fionnuala has worked to enable people in Ireland discover again their contemplative roots.  Sr Fionnuala believes that there is a continued need now for places where people can gather for silent prayer and intentional community.

The mission of the International Team is to support emerging English-speaking chapters outside the United States.  In her role, Sr Fionnuala will support the International Community through listening, responding to requests for services, linking people together through networking, and providing direction as to the many helpful resources provided by Contemplative Outreach.

Commenting on her appointment, Sr Fionnuala said, “I am truly honoured to have been invited to be the next International Co-ordinator. I see this as an opportunity for meaningful conversations with people, seekers like myself, who have discovered the richness of silence through Centering Prayer. Centering Prayer is a part of my life and I love sharing silence and Lectio Divina with as many people as possible. I am delighted to begin serving Contemplative Outreach in a new way.“