On Sunday 23rd February 2020, late in the evening of a beautiful sunny day, some 60 friends gathered for the launch of the Cosmic Walk in the garden where we have been shaping a space for contemplation and peace.  Outside the entrance, a wooden sign puts before the visitor the three aspects of this venture: Nature, art and contemplation.

Nature as seen in the evolution of the universe as we know it, by walking slowly on a path marked out with signs that indicate how many billions of years ago such an event as the formation of galaxies, for example, happened.

Art as seen in the marvelous murals painted by Alejo Diaz.And the mandala based on the number twelve which was painted by Vanina.  Miguel Conde´s creation of the water fountain as well as aspects of the garden are also works of art.

Contemplation will be the focus of all visits inviting people to dig deeper into the soul and imagination for better connection with all of life, to widen their vision, to seek peace. The ombu at the end of the pathway will be a gathering spot for a short guided meditation.

How did this project begin? The congregation has prioritized for many years the care for the earth, and our centre in Wicklow offers a text for a cosmic walk.  Fr Martin Hunter asked me more than a year ago to translate this text into Spanish as he was keen to make a walk in the garden where he lives in the Capital –Buenos Aires.  As I translated I was captivated by the story enshrined in the text and at once thought I would love to shape a walk somewhere. The Benedictines were not too eager to allow this to happen on their ground so when Veronica Banchero offered her meditation centre garden it seemed the ideal answer.Veronica will continue the good work when I am gone!  A seed come to fruition at last.  And Laudato Si to back it up!

Another source of inspiration was the book written by a Chilean: David Molyneaux. Title: “In the beginning was the dream”. We formed a small reading group to read this book together.  Several videos by Barbara Hubbard Marx which Sister Matilde researched for us as well as Brian Cox gave us a lot of light.

Sr. Veronica  Rafferty OP