At First Profession, a sister makes vows for a period of three years, beginning a
period of temporary commitment to our life. After making First Profession, she
will move from the novitiate to another of our communities.
Temporary profession is a time of ongoing discernment and formation and a
time to grow further into life as a Dominican sister. During this time, a sister may
be asked to undertake studies or to engage in a particular ministry.
A sister in temporary vows is supported by her Prioress, by her community and
by a sister who is asked to accompany her in her discernment. Towards the end
of this three-year period, the sister along with her accompanier reach a decision
as to the next stage she will take.
If a sister is not ready to make Final Profession, she can renew her vows,
allowing herself time to discern further, or she may ask to make Final Profession