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Our Dominican Vocation Stories

Sr. Aedris Coates OP

My Vocation Story "Each one is different but each one has received an invitation from Jesus.” When I was 12 years of age, I was travelling with my mother and my two sisters and two brothers in a train from Durban to Pietermaritzburg (Natal, South Africa). A thought or voice came to me “When I pass here again I will be a nun.” I was quiet for a time and then I forgot about [...]

Sr. Francis Cosgrove

My Vocation Story This is the Vocation Story of Sr Francis Cosgrove, a Cabra Dominican Missionary Sister, living and working in South Africa.  Sr Francis specialises in Spiritual Direction and gives guided Retreats to individuals. Sr. Francis Cosgrove OP I give thanks to God for the precious gift of a Vocation to the Religious Life and I marvel at the wonderful ways in which I have been guided along the way.  I [...]

Sr. Joan O’Donovan OP

  My Vocation Story A family story, that I was never too happy to hear repeated, was about my being brought as a small girl to visit a convent. One of the Sisters asked me what I would like to be when I grew up and my reply was “I would like to be a Reverend Mother”! Let me hasten to add that I do not proffer the story as an early indication of [...]

Sr. Margaret Kelly OP

My Vocation Story This is the Vocation story of Sr Margaret Kelly O.P, a Cabra Dominican Sister, who lives and works in South Africa.  Sr Margaret is passionate about justice and peace issues.  She has served as Mission Area Prioress of South Africa in years gone by and she has also served as a Councillor in the Generalate.  She is currently the Prioress of St Dominic’s Priory in Port Elizabeth. I was lucky enough [...]

Sr. Sabine Schratz OP

My Vocation Story Sr. Sabine Schratz, finally professed, is a Dominican Sister in Ireland. What she finds challenging and enriching in the Dominican life is holding the balance between two worlds – the active and contemplative. “I always had a fascination for religion as far back as the beginnings of primary school in Germany, where I was brought up. When I made the decision to become a Dominican Sister my father dug out an [...]


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