What We Do

Preaching through our work

The Dominican Sisters Cabra preach the Word of God through our work in the areas of Education, Ecology and Justice. We have always responded to needs, particularly in the field of Education and our ministries tend to reflect this.

Today, our Congregation has a presence, in Ireland, South Africa, Latin America, North America and although we do not have any sisters living in Lisbon the work continues through Fundação Obras Sociais Religiosas Dominicana Irelanda.   

Our ministry extends to adult education, giving adults a second chance and to teaching about the importance of sustaining the earth. Some of our Sisters teach in Primary and Secondary schools and schools for students with specific needs as well as third level education.  Our Sisters are extensively involved in writing and publishing. Ecumenism and Inter Faith Dialogue are also part of the ministry of some Sisters.  In many areas we provide support to students of school going age with homework through Homework Clubs and After School Projects. We are also engaged in pastoral work in communities, and parishes where we offer pastoral care, catechesis and programs to promote Gospel values.  An Tairseach offers a ten week Sabbatical Programme twice a year in Spring and Autumn.  Retreat work, Counselling, Scripture groups, Adult Faith Formation, Catechesis, Discernment and Spiritual direction also form part of our ministry.

A group of our Sisters work directly with our Justice Office in assisting young mothers living in direct provision to care for their children and access supports here in Ireland. This work is also carried out in Belfast.   Sisters participate and develop Projects developing awareness around HIV and AIDS. In some communities our sisters’ work directly with other agencies such as CAFOD in providing support.  A few sisters are engaged in family therapy and Counselling work.  In some areas our ministry also extends to chaplaincy and prison visits.  A lot of our ministry involves working closely with other groups and agencies.

Over the years a few sisters have been involved in the annual Knockadoon Music and Liturgy Week .  Here is the link: https://knockadoonml.com/

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What We Do


The Dominican Sisters Cabra preach on the importance of sustaining the earth through environmental education and earth spirituality.


Educating in schools has been a principal mission of the Dominican Sisters Cabra over their history.


The Dominican Sisters Cabra are committed to working towards a more just society, striving for the dignity of the person.


The Dominican Sisters Cabra are committed to preaching the Word.

What we do