Congregation Justice Work

Congregation Justice Work

We are committed to working towards a more just society, striving for the dignity of the person with vital supports in the areas of education, learning and assistance with day to day basic requirements.

Who we are:

The justice work of the Dominican Congregation promotes social justice and equality​ ​through direct work with people who have been marginalised, as well as education, research​ ​and collaboration with other NGOs.

The Congregation Justice Office was established in 2022 to link all of the work that has been​ ​carried out for many years throughout the Congregation, in South Africa, Argentina,​ ​Louisiana, Ireland and Lisbon. The office also collaborates with campaign partners and​ ​assists the Congregation to support global justice campaigns, including on climate justice,​ ​human rights, peace and justice.

Throughout the Congregation, there are a number of justice initiatives and programmes being​ ​carried out by Dominican Sisters and lay colleagues. Building on a powerful legacy of​ ​fighting Apartheid, the Dominican Sisters in South Africa continue to support human rights,​ ​education work and good governance in schools and in the country as whole. In Argentina,​ ​work includes prison ministry, environmental projects, community gardens, education,​ ​supporting women and accompanying vulnerable families. In Louisiana, work includes​ ​prison reform campaigns, prison ministry, adult education, education for justice and family support. In Ireland, Sisters are involved in education, including adult education through the​ ​Lumen Dominican Centre, and education on cosmology, environmental issues and climate change​ ​through An Tairseach, as well as supporting and accompanying migrants, and carrying out​ ​community support and prison ministry. The Dominican Justice Office Ireland works​ ​primarily on supporting women in Direct Provision, as well as those who have moved into​ ​the community after gaining residency, through the Young Mothers’ Network. It also collaborates with IDEN, the Irish Doughnut Economics Network, promoting the principles of Kate Raworth’s just economy alongside many community organizations, political parties and church institutions.

Finally, in​ ​Lisbon, through FOSRDI, the Irish Dominican Religious Social Work Foundation, work​ ​includes early childhood care and education, a social canteen, food bank, social centre and​ ​adult education and support.

Mission Statement:

The Congregation Justice Office articulates the public voice of the Cabra Congregation of Dominican Sisters on Social Justice issues and seeks to address these issues out of a Gospel-centred, ecological and rights-based ethos. This work is in solidarity with and informed by the struggles of those experiencing injustice. In addressing specific justice issues, the Congregation Justice Office will work in partnership with other national and international justice organisations and will contribute to the decision-making and formation programmes of the Dominican Family.

Relevant Resources:

See Preaching Justice Website – Contributions of Dominican Sisters to Social Ethics in the Twentieth Century

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