About Us

Our History

The founder of the Order of Preachers was Dominic de Guzman. He was born in Caleruega in Spain in 1170. He died in 1221 in Bologna, Italy. The first monastery of nuns was founded by Saint Dominic in Prouille near Fanjeaux in the South of France.

The history of the Cabra Dominicans (Ireland) dates back to Galway in 1647 and Channel Row Dublin in 1717.

The Monastery of the Sacred Order of Preachers was approved in 1644 by the Dominican friars and then in 1647 by Rome. It was known as the Convent of Jesus and Mary, Galway.There is no evidence of a pre-Reformation monastery of Dominican nuns in Ireland. The first Dominicans, friars, came to Dublin in 1224.

Who are we?

The Cabra Dominicans are part of the Order of Preachers founded by Saint Dominic Guzman in 1206.
Dominic was a wandering preacher, a Spaniard, who helped people to search for God in the confusion of their lives and times.

As women Dominicans, we also draw inspiration from the life of St Catherine of Siena, a lay Dominican – a woman of faith, a preacher and a mystic.

We preach the Word of God through our work in the areas of Education, Ecology and Justice. This work is carried out across Ireland, South Africa, Portugal, Louisiana, & Argentina.

We seek to live in communion with one another, praying, celebrating, studying and preaching the Word of God. We teach in schools, universities and adult education centres. We do pastoral work in parishes, prisons and with young and old.