Dominican Family joyfully celebrating Blanca’s 80th birthday in September 2023.  She has been a lay Dominican for 30 years at least. She is wearing a turquoise scarf and white sandals.  Background shows St Bridget’s church in Barrio Namuncura, Cuartel Quinto, Outer Buenos Aires. Two Sisters present: Vicky Villaverde (third from left) and Noemi Zambrano (third from right). Second from the right is Vicky Nagel, leader of the lay Dominicans.





In the covered patio at the back of the Arco Iris house, a group of Dominican family meet the leader Vicky Nagel. The background is what once was the oratory of the Sisters when they lived there.








In front of Arco Iris house (where you can see the painting of the rainbow (Arco Iris in Spanish) and the Dominican crest) Delia Linche (left)and two companions staff a free municipal service called Punto Violeta, for helping women victims for domestic violence.  This is only one of many services that Arco Iris offers through the Dominican Family groups. To mention a few: Adult Education at primary and secondary levels, activities for seniors…






Poster for a  Bible Drama workshop held in the Sisters’ house in Moreno, Buenos Aires.