The Dominican Sisters in Portugal

Following the closure of our Convent, Convento De Nossa Senhora Do Bom Sucesso, (founded in 1639) Belem, Lisbon in August 2016, our Mission and Ministry continues to flourish under the auspice of the Fundação Obra Social das Religiosas Dominicanas Irlandesas, (FOSRDI).  For further information on the mission of the Fundação click here –

What is a foundation?

Within the law of Lisbon, the Foundation is a private institution of social solidarity, in the legal form of a “Foundation of Social Solidarity” approved by the Diocesan Ordinary of Lisbon, constituted with a non-profit motive, in accordance with the Statute of Private Institutions of Social Solidarity.

It is a foundation instituted by a religious order in the Catholic Church, regulated by the Law of Religious Freedom and by the Concordat between the Portuguese Republic and the Holy See, having been established for the purpose of giving organised expression to the moral duty of solidarity and justice among individuals, especially in the area of education and support for the most disadvantaged.
Its amended statutes were approved by the Patriarchate of Lisbon on 24 July 2014. Their definitive registration was effected on 16 March 2015, in accordance with the IPSS registration regulation, which confirmed that these statutes were in accordance with the new law of 2014. The main relevant changes related to the Managing Bodies, accommodating the need for an executive administration consisting mainly of lay people.

In addition to its mission, and as a means of defraying the expenses necessary for the pursuit of its social objects, the Foundation also manages fee-paying educational establishments.
All of its activities are guided by the philosophy of the Congregation of Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of the Rosary and Saint Catherine of Siena, Cabra.

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